The Top 19 Fashion Trends Of 2017

2016 went by with the blink of an eye, quite literally! It feels like yesterday only when chokers and off-shoulders ruled the red carpets and bombers and joggers were a rage among the off-duty models. But we all love new styles now, don’t we? So why look back and mourn over the styles that died with the dying year? Why not embrace the new styles which can brighten up our new year?Β 


So, here is an explicit list of some of the hottest styles that will rule 2017. Now, I don’t mean to label them as the ‘only things’ that you should wear in this year. Fashion is all about expressing yourself. I know it’s a cliche. But believe me, fashion is the expression of your inner self. Some days you can be a Audrey Hepburn (classy!) and other days you can be the female Kanye West (rocker chic!). It depends on how you are feeling. So, you CAN incorporate these styles while putting together a particular look and feel like a diva!Β 


1.Off the shoulders:

This made your day, right? Off the shoulders are classy yet sexy. They show the skin at the right places. You can go extreme or play it subtle. It all depends on you. Be it off the shoulder tops, dresses, jumpsuits or the ball-gowns, they’ve been everywhere in 2016! And we are all the more happy to rock them in the new year!!


2. One shoulders:

Now, they are an extension of the off the shoulders. They, too, provide us with numerous ways to play with our outfit. You can do crop tops, ethnic dresses, casual dresses, jumpsuits, red-carpet gowns and what not!



3. Cut Outs:

Playing pee-a-boo was one of our favorite games in the childhood! πŸ˜€ Alas! Growing up happened and here we are, still playing pee-a-boo but this time with our dresses πŸ˜€ Cut outs are another way to show your skin based on your comfort level. They can be extremes. And by extremes I mean really extreme! Or they can be a bit conservative, too. Either way, cut-outs will rule 2017!



4. Ruffles:

If 2016 was all about the 70s, 2017 is all about the 80s! Yes, my fashion divas! 80s’ ruffles are coming back. But not the kind that overpower the whole look and make you look like a garden full of flowers. But subtle ruffles, sometimes at the hem, sometimes at the sleeves. They make the look very feminine.



5. Pinstripes:

Now, not every girl dreams of looking like Holly Golightly, right? There are some, like myself, who love the androgynous concept of dressing. But pinstripes aren’t all about the androgynous-crazy people only, anymore. You can do pinstriped culottes or off the shoulder dresses or skirts and make them look Holly Golightly-worthy!



6. The White Shirt:

Again, not for the corporate women only. The white shirt will evolve in 2017 into something women have never known of! A sexy piece of white shirt with a sequined skirt or a lacey, satin dress over a white shirt (layering, hello!), or maybe, a white shirt dress! The options are endless!


7. Flower prints:

We’ve seen extreme embroideries on ball-gowns the past season. But this year, it is all about light flower prints. You can go overboard with the prints if you want to, but do not cross the line or you’ll look like a walking bed-sheet!



8. Dresses over pants:

Oh yeah! Now we’re talking. Enough of showing your perfectly sun-tanned long legs. Dresses this season will be worn over pants. You heard that right! That, my friend, is called revolutionary. They’ve come back and we’re already a fan! Do it with a pair of skinny pants or even palazzo pants. You can really play around with the idea!



9. The bra top:

We are familiar with the bralettes, girls. But 2017 is extreme and outrageous when it comes to fashion. Many designers including Victoria Beckham have showcased their collection with some classy bra tops. Talk about beating the heat, huh?



10. Yellow:

No matter how much I hate this color, yellow with be the ‘it’ color of 2017. Yellow pants, yellow dresses, yellow shoes, yellow bags. One can certainly not ignore this color anymore!



11. Navy stripes:

I think 2017 is gonna be all about stripes. Navy stripes or the Breton stripes on skirts, dresses, t-shirts, tops, pants, jumpsuits, shorts, cover-ups and what not! And, come on, they look chic, man.



12. Metallic:

One doesn’t need a reason to party. And one, certainly doesn’t need a party to rock a metallic look in this year. This Zara pleated metallic midi skirt has been a favorite among celebs and we aren’t complaining.


Metallic is something that will have it’s presence all year round!



13. Sporty chic:

Remember when Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne were friendship goals? Well, their friendship was truly the talk of the town but their style was what created a revolution in the whole world. Suddenly, joggers and tights were street-style-worthy! I mean, you could wear your gym clothes outside of your gym without anyone judging you! Thank you girls! It was your greatest gift to us commoners. We could be comfortable and still look chic. And who can forget the rage Adidas Superstars started with their white sneakers? Sporty chic is here to stay and I can easily say that my life is sorted!



14. Sequins:

You don’t have to be the Duchess of Cambridge to rock a sequin look. Sequins have made a comeback and they’re no more the party-appropriates! Sequin embellishments, sequin handbags, sequin dresses, sequin skirts. You name it and you got it, everywhere!



15. Pajamas:

I’m not at all complaining! 2017 is already becoming my best year ever! If pajamas have become a style statement, I can die peacefully. That means, no more uncomfortable skinny jeans or skimpy dresses. Just long, flowy pajamas all day. Heaven!



16. Sheer fabrics:

Sheer is the flavour of the season. Sheer dresses and tops have always been there but this time they are chicest then ever before. You’ll see sheer kimonos or cover-ups. Or you can combine two of the hottest trends to make a trend of your know, like wearing a bra top under a sheer top! The possibilities are endless. Sheer fabrics are so delicate, so feminine and yet sultry.


17. Trench Coats:

I am all for extreme lengths. And trench coats in all kinds of fabrics are what I need to rock this year! Again, you can have soft cotton fabric trench coats or the really sturdy ones for the colder weather. You can for the traditional Burberry ones or the sleeveless pieces. Either way, they certainly give a parisian feel!


18. Velvet:

One of my favorite stylists, Lindsay Albanese, owns this really gorgeous wine colored velvet blazer-suit. And she looks like a goddess! You’ve got to check it out. Velvet is classy. Velvet is chic. And you can do so much with it. From street style to your marriage party, velvet can be a true savior this season!



19. Long sleeves:

With ruffles, or tailored, long sleeves on shirts, tops, blazers, coats and even dresses will be one of the hottest trends to look forward to! Go for them for a bit of drama in your everyday look πŸ˜‰

So, that my friends is the end of this post. I’m waiting to see the ‘It girls’ rocking these trends this season. But we’ll have to see by the year end, which trend really hits it off. I’m really excited for the new year. Are you?



H πŸ’•


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