The Pink Fling!

“I believe in pink”- Audrey Hepburn.


Well, being an admirer of the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ actress, I couldn’t help but agree more with her. Pink has THAT effect on every girl. I think it is THE color we girls need when we can’t really trust anything lying in our closet. Right? Pink is dreamy, pink is fairy-like.


Pink has always been perceived as a loud color, to put it straight. But I have got some facts to support my point that it is just the opposite of it. Remember Blair Waldorf? The Queen of the upper east side. Chuck Bass’ love-interest. The invincible queen who ruled Manhattan. Well, she bowed down to pink color, too, many times including this stunning Oscar De La Renta gown.


Not only Queen B, but her best friend, S aka Serena Vanderwoodsen was also a fan of pink but in the boho-royal way. She was our wild queen and she knew how to hit it off with pink. serena

Now, I know they won’t interest you as much, considering they’re not the ‘IT girls’ anymore (though I love them!). Your very own socialite Kylie Jenner loves pink to death (nope! Not exaggerating!). Look for yourself.


Now that’s some real pink obsession, ladies!


Well, if she doesn’t please you, her sister Kendall Jenner would, with this flawless fuchsia pink bomber jacket for a photoshoot!



Still you need some proof? Do I need to prove the power of pink? Okay. I’ve got you covered! From Chanel to Moschino, pink ruled the runway of Spring/Summer 2016. Doubt? Here’s the proof.



Now that we’ve well established that pink is not going anywhere, be it the 20s or the ‘Jenner year’, I think you must own something pink. 


So, it was my ‘fling with the pink’ day. Now, when you go shopping, you are promising yourself not to stop until you find the best pieces. And what is the best way to dress for it? No, not your tights or track-pants, you silly! Though, now that I’m giving it a thought, it looks more relevant considering I spend some 3-4 hours standing, walking and sometimes even running down the stores while shopping. But we live in an environment where we have to look a little presentable, don’t we? So, choose the second best option. In my opinion, it is the maxi dress!


Well, the grandiose of the maxi dress is invincible. It is that one piece which is both dressy and lets you get past the lazy day, for you don’t wanna brainstorm putting together a decent outfit. Personally, I love this maxi. First, the layered effect. It doesn’t make me look petite (and sometimes even hide my bloated tummy!). And second, the slits on the sides, P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!  


And, what better way to keep it simple, than my chokers? Well, they’re my go-to accessories this summer. And maybe for many summers, for that matter. This lace choker is like the chicest one out there, isn’t it? Also, it rains like hell in Bengaluru. So, I got these super cute t-strap rubber flats. They go with anything, considering they’re nude! They’re also comfy as hell! This tan hobo-bag is LOVE! When I saw it, the first thing I noticed was the golden chain detailing and I fell in love. And I must say, this is the best love affair I’ve ever had! 


You know when you wanna play dressing up and then your hair won’t co-operate? Well, it happened with me that day. My dress was perfect. My makeup was perfect. But my hair!!! Don’t even talk about it. So, I did this 2-minute fishtail braid and kept it messy (aka my way!). And to finish it off, I threw on these sunglasses. Well, I was a lot comfortable and shopped like crazy. This has to be a quintessential shopping outfit. 



Outfit DetailsMaxi dress– CODE by Lifestyle, Choker– Forever 21, Shades– Forever 21, Flats– Westside, Bag– Myntra.



H ❤


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  1. Bangalore has transformed you into a babe! Hasn’t it? Never doubted your style…but you’re something else now 😄😄😄

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    1. Haha 😀 Thanks!


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