A Touch Of Lace

Lace. I think the most surreal fabric among all. Though, when overdone, it makes the whole outfit go tacky. But, with the right amounts, it can take you to the next level of perfection. And if it’s white lace, you’re gonna live a fairy-tale in it, my darling!


God knows that I’ve had nightmares when I did not buy this particular kimono the other day. I would vie and cry for not having this beauty in my wardrobe. With constraints to visit stores, I scanned every possible online shopping site to look for a similar one, but to no avail… And I had no other option, but to visit the store and grab onto it ASAP!


It so happened one day, after almost two months of those nightmares, that I ‘accidentally planned’ (yeah! I know!) to finally buy it. A long, lace kimono. Ah! The feeling of owning it, FINALLY! The feeling of being in it, FINALLY! GOODBYE NIGHTMARES!!! 


Kimonos have been my Spring/Summer 2016 love, to say the least! As stated in my earlier blog posts, they just bind the most quirkiest of looks together. If you don’t believe me, go give it a try! Here, I wanna raise a point. You cannot know what works best for you until and unless you try it. Feel it. Live in it for a few days. And then you’ll know how it works for you. I was always reluctant to try new fashion trends. But slowly and gradually, I learnt that there is nothing more exciting than trying on new things, coz come on! you can’t always play safe!! 


So, coming to the outfit, I was clueless what to wear. Yes! I, the one who pre-plans her outfits a night before, was struggling to put together a decent outfit to go for a movie! But, but, but! I was bent towards a monochromatic look. Something neutral, yet chic. Now, mark my words ladies, your absolute WARDROBE STAPLE has to be a grey tee. Note it down. A grey tee is a MUST in your wardrobe. Do I need to repeat? I think we’re all clear, right? Go buy a grey tee NOW!!!! Be it a round neck or a V-neck. A plain, grey tee can be worn for a casual as well as a formal (read: party) look! So, whenever you’re in a fix, grab onto that badass and you’re gonna rock it! 


So yeah, I threw on my grey tee over my distressed denims, skinny this time, and to give it an edge, I grabbed onto my lace kimono.But then also I felt that something was missing. I know this is a minimalist look, but something was definitely missing. Okay, so here’s another tip. CHOKERS are the sexiest baubles alive! I mean, not literally alive. But yeah, among all the baubles, chokers are THE ones to buy! Okay? I mean, just look them. Just a string. A simple string. Hung to your neck in the most subtle way possible and makes you look like a million bucks. Seriously, if you got nothing new to wear, nothing new to invest in, buy a choker and your outfit will get a new lease of life. Trust me on this!! So yep, my second last choice was, a CHOKER, obviously! Last, a neutral pair of flats.


Well, as for hair, I had to show-off my neck (choker, to be precise), so I went for a half-tied hair look. Just a couple of pins holding my hair in place. Nothing too tricky. For makeup I chose a bold eyeliner, winged liner if you ask me. And for lip, cherry crush 🙂 


To go with this look, I chose my grey, structured bag and I was ready in like a gazillion hours 😀 Phew! 😀


Here are the pictures, lots of em 😉




OUTFIT DETAILS: KimonoCODE by Lifestyle, JeansOnly, T-ShirtPepe Jeans, ChokerBrigade road (Bengaluru), FlatsCarlton London, HandbagAccesorize, ShadesStyleFiesta.com


Until next time,





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  1. Bahut Sundar.Ma’am.


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