Street Stylista!

Life is bloody unpredictable and so are my weekends! Lol! As it so happened, I decided to lay back and rejuvenate after some serious hustle in May. Weekend seemed to be a safe time to do that. But, all of a sudden, the Punjabi in me came into life and in no time, I was craving for Amritsari naan and chole. To sugarcoat it, I was pining for bread with vegetable stuffing and chilly chickpeas 😀 


So, it was supposed to be a foodie-weekend. And hence I started dressing up for it. I threw on a tank top above my tights; the most casual outfit I could put together at that time.This top is not the usual types that I own. I have never in my life worn mustard color. But after I started fashion blogging, I started experimenting a lot. So the other day, when I went shopping, I picked it up deliberately. Also, the lace detailing is a stunner! But then, I wanted some more. So, I also put on this gorgeous neck-piece which gave it a formal-y look.


I had just shampooed my hair so they were all frizzy, to be honest. On my way, though the weather was beautiful as eff, I felt a bit sweaty. And hence tied my hair in this gorg undone bun. Messy is my thing, literally speaking. I like messy braids, messy buns and frizzy hair. But, this time I chose to go over the top with a messy undone bun. It hardly takes two minutes and makes for an excellent street-style look! Can you believe I did this while I was waiting for a cab on the streets of Bengaluru!


Ballerinas were my pick for this look. These snake-print ballerinas are one of my go-to picks from my shoe collection. As it was my take on casual-cum-formal, I went for a tan sling bag. I had never owned a basic sling bag like this. But being in Bengaluru, I have seen lots of basic sling bags like these and hence thought to give it a try. And they have become my new fav ones! 


For makeup, I decided to ditch them winged eyes and decided to go au naturel 😉 A bit of highlight and loads of mascara has become my new favorite in terms of makeup. But if you ask me, the bun is the star of this look.


I like days like these. A random plan and lots of surprises on the way. And when, in the end, my phone is full of such amazing pictures, my heart becomes ecstatic 🙂





Keep living each moment of your life. This world will work leaps and bounds to bring you down, but you have to put in that extra effort to win. Coz in the end, it’s your happiness that matters (I won’t say ‘the most’) 🙂


OUTFIT DETAILS Top- Shopper’s Stop, Tights- Reebok, Ballerinas- Parfois, Bag- Myntra, Shades- Ray Ban, Baubles- Forever 21



H ❤


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